Polar Light Technologies Continues to Build Future LEDköping with the Recuitment of Lisa Rullik

As Polar Light Technologies grows their sophisticated microstructures in the lab, they also grow their competent team with another key role. It is with great pleasure that Lisa Rullik is welcomed on board in the role as Chief Technology Officer.  In connection with the recent success of Polar Light Technologies, the company continues to expand […]

The new results; “An amazing breakthrough”

Polar Light Technologies newly established process in a modern production grade reactorhave shown an outstandingly positive outcome. The measurements showed an incrediblebreakthrough, with an impressive 10,000 time-fold improvement. With its microsized pyramidal structures, Polar Light Technologies develops the nextgeneration of microLEDs. The technology is born from a unique and long-time research byProfessor Per-Olof Holtz and […]