MicroLEDs are ultrasmall LED’s (light emitting diodes) typically ranging from 1 to 10 µm in size.

With such small dimensions, these semiconductor based microLEDs qualify for applications in the micro-display and -projector segment.

Their potential is based on delivery of high contrast, wide colour gamut, high brightness, while still being very energy efficient.


Polar Light Technologies’ microLEDs

Polar Light Technologies’ microLEDs are based on InGaN/GaN pyramidal structures. These pyramidal structures are grown by a novel bottom-up technique, which in contrast to the conventional top-down technique does not require etching. This technique allows for sub-µm sized LED dimensions with maintained exceptional properties and performance.

The pyramidal LED design additionally provides narrow light lobe characteristics, which will further enhance the microLED’s efficiency since a larger fraction of the light can be used.

The same InGaN/GaN material system is used for the red, green and blue (RGB) emissions, allowing integration with electronics by means of mass transfer, flip-chip or other monolithic integration techniques.