New CEO to take Polar Light Technologies to new heights

After a successful 2023, Polar Light Technologies is ready for the next step. Oskar Fajerson joined as CEO on the 4th of March to lead the company through the final stages of research and into commercialization of its ground-breaking microLED technology.

Polar Light Technologies (PLT) has recently made several significant advancements and is increasing its efforts to finalize research and go to market.

“PLT is a fantastic deep-tech company in its true sense with a world-class research and development team. I am pleased to hand over to my successor, Oskar Fajerson. Oskar has the right background to take PLT onwards to product launch. I am confident that Oskar will share the same joy and satisfaction of working with future commercialization as I have felt in this phase of proof of concept.” says Peter Nilsson, outgoing CEO of Polar Light Technologies.

Oskar has a background in product management, sales, and marketing and a degree in material physics from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. His previous experience includes senior positions at a wide range of high-tech companies during their growth phases, including eye-tracking company Tobii.

“I am very excited!” says Oskar, “Polar Light Technologies is a world-leading company developing the next generation of microLEDs. It will be both fun and challenging to work with this very high-level research and turn it into a commercial offer.”

About Polar Light Technologies
Current LED manufacturing technology results in an uneven surface with many defects and poor efficiency. Polar Light Technologies has developed a way to build microLEDs in small pyramids using controlled crystal growth, atomic layer by atomic layer. The result is unmatched pixel size, brightness and energy efficiency. The company has its roots in long and unique research done by Professor Per-Olof Holtz and his research team at Linköping University.

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Oskar Fajerson, CEO of Polar Light Technologies
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