About us

What we do

  • microLED frontpanels for next generation AR, HUD, HMD applications
  • microLED RGB wafers for next generation Displays

We do this with a passion that the future of microLED needs an architecture that can produce RGB on same wafer.

Who we are

Polar Light Technologies is the result of Professor Per-Olof Holtz and his research team’s long time research within semiconductor and optoelectronics development at Linköping University. This research has enabled technology development that results in unmatched pixel size, brightness and energy efficiency.

We are a company born out of unique research. This has fueled our innovative and curious mindset. The research is translated into more efficient, less energy-consuming and better-functioning technology, serving our commercial roadmap to create and improve state-of-the-art solutions within a great variety of light-demanding application areas, such as head mounted displays, heads-up displays, wearables, white light applications, optical interconnects and quantum cryptography, to mention some core areas