About us


We are a company born out of unique research. This has fueled our innovative and curious mindset. The research is translated into more efficient, less energy-consuming and better-functioning technology, serving our commercial roadmap to create and improve state-of-the-art solutions within a great variety of light-demanding application areas, such as head mounted displays, heads-up displays, wearables, white light applications, optical interconnects and quantum cryptography, to mention core areas.


After years of sophisticated research within optoelectronics, the scientific discoveries have been refined by our development team into two core technologies within microLED development. These technologies help us to create the worlds smallest microLED:s for display applications. The technologies also show us a unique way of generating linear polarized light with quantum dots.

Market Approach

At Polar Light Technologies, we set several new development standards that overcome current challenges in microLED technology. We position ourselves as a premier enabler in this area of technology. We own the research power and patented technology, we have the technical expertise and a roadmap for commercialization.

Press Releases

>>Polar Light Technologies tar tekniksprång inom mikroLED för smarta glasögon och AR-displayer
Bild: Mikro-LED i pyramidformer (teknikbild) (Bilder i pressmeddelandet ovan)