Micro and Nano LED’s

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Micro and Nano LED’s

Market Activity

In 2014 Apple acquired LuxVue, which was the first public statement of interests of the company in microLED. This single happening has motivated other companies to take notice of the new technology and start the competition on who will quickly develop microLED technology and commercialize it first. Nowadays, there are almost 100 private companies and research organizations that actively participate in the development of microLED technology (Evertiq, May 2017).

The competitive race to develop microLED technology has picked up from 2014. Read more about the Flagship micro LED products of the major companies

Micro LED industry main actors

  • Apple Inc. (LuxVue)
  • Oculus VR (InfiniLED)
  • Sony Corp.
  • Aledia
  • X-Celeprint Ltd.
  • GLO AB
  • Ostendo Technologies, Inc.
  • VerLASE Technologies LLC
  • Rohinni LLC
  • Epistar Corporation
  • Cooledge Lighting Inc.
  • CEA/Leti
  • Allos/Azzurro Semiconductors GmbH
  • Mikro Mesa Technology Co. Ltd.
  • MLED Ltd.
  • INSiAVA (Pty) Ltd.
  • Lumiode, Inc.
  • Exalos AG
  • Deepsky Corp.
  • ITRI (Taiwan)
  • III-N Technology
  • VueReal Inc.
  • Vuzix Corp.
  • BOE Technology Group
  • eMagin Corporation